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Once upon a time

La Pasta Hotel & Restaurant - once known as Ortner, das Kleine Hotel: a review in pictures

The history of a house is the history of its inhabitants, the history of its inhabitants is the history of the time in which they lived and live, the history of the times is the history of mankind.

Wilhelm Raabe (1831 - 1910), German narrator (pseudonym: Jakob Corvinus), one of the most important representatives of poetic realism.

With a leap from the past to the present

2018: Greti's dreams never go into retirement, because it is not the least important part of the art of living not to stop the beautiful things in life, but to let them fade away. That's why Greti Ortner will still be a senior boss, and will even have a little more time for trips together or a cup of coffee!

The Milchtrinkstube / Pension / Gästehaus / Hotel Ortner and the La Pasta Noodle Bar have already made history ... to be continued!
Manni Kleiner with his sister Bettina and the proven team is looking forward to shaping the future of Ortner - das Kleine Hotel in Stumm with a lot of heart and passion, according to the motto: "If the way is beautiful, then don't ask yourself where it leads".

Ortner - Das Kleine Hotel