The good time is now.


Take a walk

Simply out into nature - just march off. And concentrate only on what is happening around you. You suddenly see flowers blooming, birds chirping, sun and wind on your skin ... just feels good.

The Gauderfest

When the last snow fields on the mountain gradually flow into thundering mountain streams towards the valley, Austria's largest spring and traditional costume festival rings in spring on the first weekend of May. Grown out of the alpine church days, the Gauderfest is still a living tradition today.


600 years of history

After the seclusion of the long winter, a multitude of traders and farmers from all over the Alps met at the Gauderfest over the past centuries. In the year 1428 the festival was first mentioned in writing by Venetian merchants. The local brewery, today known as Zillertal Bier, has always been closely associated with the Spring Festival. On the first weekend in May, the master brewer opened the barns at Gauderlehen, where the festival was celebrated until 1950. Since the middle of the last century, the Gauderfest has taken place in the village centre of Zell am Ziller and fascinates countless guests. The ancient traditions are still very important today: The official bock beer tapping is done by the provincial governor, the strongest men wrestle for the title of Hogmoar and at the fairground all young and old visitors get their money's worth. Austria's largest traditional costume parade stands at the festive end of the festival, which is full of grace and beauty.


The Gauderbock, particularly brewed by Brauhaus Zillertal Bier, is a speciality of the Gauderfest. Don't miss the bock beer from the Zillertal. But beware, the Gauderbock is considered the strongest festival beer in the whole country!



A bit of culture, please

Even if the awakening nature and the warming sunbeams lure you to fantastic mountain adventures in this season, it is still sometimes worth staying down in the valley. In addition to the captivating natural landscape, your holiday resort of Stumm also has a lot to offer culturally.


stummer schrei
Founded more than 15 years ago, the culture festival "stummer schrei" has established itself as one of the highlights of the annual Tyrolean festival summer and does not need to hide internationally. Dedicated to cultural diversity, theatre, music and cabaret are at the centre and skilfully connect village and world. Modern folk theatre and masterfully staged stage classics enchant the audience as much as the top-class music programme from early music to jazz and modern rhythms from all over the world.


stummer schrei


With unbelievable commitment and extraordinary passion the team of the theatre festival in the Steudltenn in Uderns in the Zillertal has put great things on their feet within a few years. In the over 700 years old barn you will experience captivating in-house productions, world premieres, children's theatre, colourful comedies and the finest philosophy symposia.



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